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Migrating 2010 contentDB to 2013 SQL

May 16, 2013 at 7:59 AM

We are migrating SP2010 ContentDB to 2013 SQL ,However after executing the test-spcontentdb command we found many issues with respecte to missing features and we have decided to remove these features from contentDB[restored 2013 contentdb],Still this db not associated with sharepoint 2013 web application.Does this tool help to remove this features from contentdb,so that we can proceed with successful upgrade of DB or migration

May 16, 2013 at 8:33 PM
Hello Nixomohan,

Features are not included in a content database, they are only referenced there.
FeatureAdmin is working via API, this means, you need to connect your content DB either to SP2010 or to SP2013 first, then you can remove/deactivate the features in it.

It usually is best to deactivate a feature, before migrating a content database to another farm, where this feature is not available.

You can bulk deactivate features with the featureadmin in SP2010.

Are your features still available in the SP2010 farm? Then I would recommend that you reconnect your content db to SP2010 and deactivate them in SP2010.

If your SP2010 farm is not available any more, make a backup of your content db. Then, connect the content-db to sp2013, even though the test was not successful.
In SP2013, remove the orphaned features with featureadmin.

If a feature can be removed at all or if it can be cleanly removed depends how it is implemented.

If a feature is not well developed, it is possible, that a sitecollection does not work anymore, if the feature is not available any more, no matter, if it was deactivated or not.

If you want to remove/deactivate a feature, when the feature is actually not available any more, this should usually only cause a problem, if the feature had a feature receiver for feature deactivating or feature uninstalling.

I hope, this answers some of your questions.

Kind Regards,