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2.3 for 2010 - Cannot delete features


I have five features listed as "ERROR READING FEATURE" with "ScopeInvalid". These are features I have already identified as missing their feature.xml file in the 14-hive and am trying to remove. When I use this program to uninstall the features I have it check the whole farm because I cannot determine the exact scope, and it finds nothing scoped to the webapp or farm, but then logs "An error occurred iterating through the features..." and terminates.

I tried using the "Find faulty feature in farm" tool which does properly identify these features as faulty and attempts to remove them one by one from various places, but each time spits out an error dialog with "System.invalidOperationException: Feature '[guid]' is not activated at this scope..." and a long list of "at" locations before moving on to the next feature. After several occurrences of this, it ends saying "No faulty feature was found in the farm".

Three of the features show up in the SPSite list, and when trying to remove them it claims they were removed and says to reload the list, but reloading it shows them as still present.

I should also note that I've tried a couple PowerShell methods as well with no success (because they are missing the manifest).

Any ideas on why this isn't working? I'd like to avoid combing through the DB to delete any record of them, but at the moment it looks like the only option.

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ismailia wrote Jun 20, 2013 at 10:39 PM

Hi thanby,

ok, this sounds like a bigger problem.Here are a few things to check:-- did you check, that you have admin rights everywhere in the farm? see -- Do you know, where these Features are from? Did you google the feature-IDs?-- Did you migrate your farm/content from SP 2007, did you do an update installation?-- I understand, the error showed up in the section "features installed in the farm", correct? Did you also try to remove them without deactivating first? (If you do that, you could probably afterwards run the faulty feature finder and let it remove any left overs)

Which powershell commands did you run? Do you have a backed up version of the content database or the whole farm, before you had the errors or before you ran any powershell commands?

Other options
  1. Debug (if you can do that, please try)There is a way, how you could drill down the problem and also help improve the featureadmin, but you have to be a sharepoint developer to do that (or let a SharePoint developer do it for you):-- Get your problem reproduced in a test sharepoint farm-- get the featureadmin source code and open it in visual studio-- debug the featureadmin-- there might be an exception, that did not appear before, and that should be caught differently?!
  2. Trick SharePoint (not likely to help, but easy to try)I once tried to just create a feature with the same feature-id and forcefully installed it. But removing this afterwards did not solve my problem, but perhaps it could help you.
  3. Work around the problem Set the farm up from scratch and attach your content dbs. Then check, if the feature issue is still there.You will have to do all the configuration in the farm again.
I would not go in the database and change anything there. You will never be sure, if this will not cause a future issue.

Kind Regards,


ismailia wrote Sep 23, 2013 at 8:23 PM

No answer for 3 months, so I assume, the problem could be solved meanwhile.Changing status.