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Error while reading feature in site using Feature Admin Tool - solved

Jan 3, 2012 at 12:33 PM
Edited Jan 3, 2012 at 12:35 PM


I am migrating sharepoint 2007 publishing site to sharepoint 2010. For migration process I have followed the steps

1. Backup the content database from the SP2007 machine.
2. Restore that database in sql server 2008 (SP2010 machine).
3. Create a new web application in SP2010 with a site collection type of publishing template.
4. I have run the following stsadm command for PreUpgradeCheck in SP2007

I am getting the error log as follows Error: Missing server file or server configuration issues

Server side files are referenced in the content databases, but are not installed on the server. Without these files, the sites may not function completely or the content may not render correctly. Also, upgrade or post upgrade issues may occur if these files are not available in the new version environment.

The following feature(s) are referenced by the content, but they are not installed on the web server

Name = Unknown, Feature id = f3dc6c9a-ea83-4c22-bdb9-1a3a178717cf, Reference count = 1, Scope = Web, Status = Missing
Name = Unknown, Feature id = a5977882-1fbc-4b94-a345-c9f3dac1b18c, Reference count = 1, Scope = Web, Status = Missing

The link provided below the error explains the issue but doesn't provide any instruction on how to search through the content to find the reference in order to fix it.

For more information about this rule, see KB article 976218 in the rule article list at

I have downloaded the SharePoint Feature Admin tool from codeplex

I have run the application but I am getting the error reading feature (f3dc6c9a-ea83-4c22-bdb9-1a3a178717cf)referred in the site.

But I couldn't able to locate the feature location. If I have removed the feature from the site it will cause any issue or not. So how could I remove it.

Could anyone provide a solution for this issue ?

Mar 15, 2012 at 5:14 PM
Edited Mar 15, 2012 at 5:24 PM

Hello Ramalingam,

do you see the feature in the featureadmin tool?
Where do you see the error messages?

If if it is missing and causing an error therefore, the missing functionality will not be restored by the feature admin tool, it will only remove the orphaned link.
Therefore, it will at least not make things worse.

If you reinstall the feature afterwards, you can still activate it again.


You need to decide, if you want to remove any features.
I'd suggest, you follow these steps, when you get feature errors in your migration:

1. First, try to find out, what these features are, or which features or solutions have been (de)installed on the old farm.
Best would be, if you could cleanly deactivate the features in the old farm, while the solution is still installed there.
You can see, if the feature is installed, when you list the installed features with the 2007 version of the feature admin tool in the other farm. (Because the complete list is tracked in the log window, you could select all features from there and copy them in your favorite text editor and search for a Feature-Guid.
Once, cleanly deactivated (featureadmin can also uninstall and deactivate cleanly), make another backup and try again to migrate to SP2010.

2. Alternatively install the missing features / solutions in the SP2010 farm, then no errors should show up any more.

3. If you cannot get these features back any more, you should remove the links to them via the feature admin tool.

Kind Regards,