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Error Reading Feature - solved

Oct 4, 2012 at 12:07 AM

I'm trying to cleanup post migration from WSS3.0 to SP2010 Server - running this tool and loading all features installed in farm I'm seeing a number of these errors,

ERROR READING FEATURE [75a0fea7-056a-445f-9a78-db1b38bb0b74], Scope: ScopeInvalid

Searching for the id in the Content and Admin databases turns up nothing which I assume is atleast part of the reason for error. The Feature is referenced somewhere outside of the databases?

Trying to find more information on the error'ing Feature before I attempt to uninstall (if that's even possible).

Oct 7, 2012 at 11:37 AM

Hello David, 

the purpose of the feature administration tool is to identify, where orphaned feature information is stored, not to analyze, why they are there.

You should probalby check all previously installed solutions of this farm and you can also google for a feature guid, in case it is a microsoft guid or a commonly used solution, you might find it.

After googleing for your feature-id, I found, that it should be the following feature:

Name = AVMListInstances, Feature id = 75a0fea7-056a-445f-9a78-db1b38bb0b74, Scope = Web


Nevertheless, here is some information, how a feature could become orphaned:
Most often, a feature was installed (e.g. via a solution, STSADM or Visual Studio), then the solution was removed without cleanly removing the feature.

(E.g. when you remove a solution containing a web scoped feature, the feature stays activated in the web. If you then deploy an updated version of the solution, the feature is active, without being activated again. This is useful e.g. for list instance features. It would delete the whole list, if the feature would automatically be deactivated when removing the solution)