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The FeatureAdmin for SP2013 also runs on SP 2013 Foundation.
To use it, run the FarmAdmin directly on a SharePoint Server and make sure, your account has the appropriate Rights

Please refer to the General Feature Overview regarding functionality for all versions

Differences especially for SharePoint 2013:

In SharePoint 2013, Features can be installed for Compatibility Level 14 and 15. A lot of the Standard SharePoint Features exist for both Compatibility Levels. Therefore, a new prefix was introduced to the FeatureAdmin, that shows the Compatibility Level in front of the Guid.
WebApplication: 'SharePoint Server Standard Web application features' (15/4f56f9fa-51a0-420c-b707-63ecbb494db1)
WebApplication: 'SharePoint Server Standard Web application features' (14/4f56f9fa-51a0-420c-b707-63ecbb494db1)

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jcrealm May 28, 2014 at 9:01 PM 
This is an amazing tool. Have used this on production systems at clients to clean up orphaned features during a version migration.